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Celebratory event marks new home for Millikin's School of Theatre & Dance

A ribbon-cutting ceremony on 十月. 17, 2020, marked a celebration of Millikin University's newest building, the Center for Theatre & Dance. The celebratory event of the new home for Millikin's 美术学院 and School of Theatre & Dance was also an opportunity to thank the supporters of the project and the community of Decatur, Ill.

Millikin Center for Theatre & Dance

For several months, the Millikin University campus community witnessed a change in scenery with the construction of the new Center for Theatre & Dance, all starting with a groundbreaking back on May 18, 2018. This past August, the doors to the $29 million building were opened to students, faculty and staff.

"The Center for Theatre & Dance represents more than just a state-of-the-art building designed to provide Millikin students with high-quality Performance Learning experiences. It is a structural recognition of the importance of the visual and performing arts in our lives and in our community," said 米利总裁博士。吉姆雷诺. "By undertaking and completing this project through the generosity of our alumni and other friends, Millikin University has reaffirmed the value that theatre and dance holds in our daily lives. I'm very excited for our faculty, staff and students, both current and prospective, to fill the building with their exceptional talent and to make it a place of creativity and learning."

Millikin Center for Theatre & Dance Ribbon-Cutting


Located at the former site of the Richards Treat University Center, the Center for Theatre & Dance features a 260-seat flexible theatre, including an orchestra pit, balcony and tech gallery with a tension wire grid. The new building also features lighting and sound labs, a costume studio, a costume classroom, collaboration spaces, acting studios, design classrooms, practice rooms, modern theatre equipment and offices and support facilities for current staff, with room for growth. The innovative facility has become the new face of the School of Theatre & Dance.

"Students will be able to learn performance, directing, design, production and management in all new spaces equipped with the latest technology," said Mary Black, director of the School of Theatre & Dance. "The new Center will do more than facilitate the needs of our current students and programs. It will allow us to continue to grow and excel as we prepare students for their lives as theatre artists."

The Center for Theatre & Dance was one of three building projects under Millikin University's $85 million "Transform MU" capital campaign (TMU). Thanks to visionary and generous alumni and community leaders, as well as the investment of University resources by Millikin's 受托人董事会, the facility was realized with a groundbreaking two years ago.

“在TMU资本运动被设想为一个机会,使在密利克真正的转型变革,并在这样做,使我们的学生的生活转型变革,”博士说。史蒂夫·赫斯,谁担任“变换亩”资本运动指导委员会联合主席受托人名誉。 “关于澳门好的赌博网的唯一一件事是强调性能的学习,而这种设备的确将提供机会,为我们的学生像以前一样从来没有。它早已米利金的兑现教育承诺的使命。现在我们真的可以兑现与此建筑的完成承诺“。

Millikin Center for Theatre & Dance Ribbon-Cutting



"One of the founding design elements was to see and be seen. People on campus and in the community can actually see what's happening in and around the space as students work on planned and impromptu performances in places ranging from the lobby to the outdoor covered patio," said John Whitlock, principal with BLDD Architects. "Even though they had no dedicated facility to put them on the map, Millikin's School of Theatre & Dance continued to produce high-quality graduates and created a program that ranked in the top 10 nationally. With the resources provided by the new Center for Theatre & Dance, we believe Millikin can become the best theatre program in the nation."


Millikin Center for Theatre & Dance Ribbon-Cutting

From left to right: Millikin student Ramsey Folkerts '24; Laura Ledford, dean of the 美术学院; Mary Black, director of the School of Theatre & Dance; Millikin student Alex Saviano '22

“这栋楼报价看落后走向校园设计的历史,同时也期待在当代建筑和元素方面的能力,”达勒姆说。 “这是为学生搜集,学习和协作的一个非常舒适的空间。在私有校园,你有时得到的感觉,新的建筑物多为校友超过学生。这栋楼是故意设计,使学生觉得自己能够成功。它仍然采用高端的空间,但它不是恐吓“。


“这个新的建设提出了各种各样的技术设施和尖端技术,让学生获得设备上体验,迅速成为行业标准,”凯瑞说。 “这个建筑的功能,让我和其他的学生进一步发展我们的技能,以新的方式为艺术家和技术人员。”


Millikin Center for Theatre & Dance Ribbon-Cutting


“这是米利历史上是一个激动人心的时刻。当我抵达校园,它最后成为一个愿望一个梦想,一个完整的成果作为一种思想和理念,设计和创作,将改变澳门好的赌博网世世代代来了,”说白。 “我们要感谢大家谁曾在这个项目中的作用,无论你是几元钱捐赠者或一百万美元,我们赞赏米利金的未来,我们在性能上学习做的工作你的信仰,尤其是在艺术的戏剧和舞蹈“。

White added, "From the 受托人董事会, to the faculty and staff who worked so hard to make this happen, to our partners in construction and design – everyone who made the Center for Theatre & Dance a wonderful building."

Fundraising efforts are ongoing to support the Center for Theatre & Dance. For more information about the new facility and the School of Theatre & Dance, visit www.yuyuseo.com/theatre.